Sont déplacés ici les projets qui ont été abandonnés par les joueurs et qui peuvent être repris.
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other affiliate needs to be examined. Everybody should be examined for Cystic fibrosis-CF and even Spinal muscular atrophy-SMA1. Ashkenazi judaism roots should be examined to Canavan sickness, CF, Tay Sch sickness, members of the family dysautonomia. Some extend this examining to Fanconi Anemia, Bloom,Gaucher, Neiman Pick, Mucolipoidosis IV, Glycogen storage sickness Ia, Maple serup urine sickness and members of the family hyperinsulinism, Nemaline myopathy, DLD defeciency, Joubert and Usher syndromes. Sephardic judaism roots should be examined for CF and Tay Sach sickness. Some add Genetic Mediterranean sea alpha plus Fever, Ataxia Telangiectasia, Fanconi anemia, 11B hydroxylase defeciency, glycogen storage sickness IIIa, Part VII defeciency and other diseases. French Canadian roots should be examined to Tay Sach's disease Mediterranean roots (Greek, italian, arabic..) Should be examined for Thalassemia B, Asian descent (Japanese, pakistani, chinese..) Thalassemia a, African People in america should be examined for Sickle cellular disease Diminished ovarian source. Testing of area with decreased ovarian source is highly recommended for Fragile X problem pre-mutation and also for Genetic issues e.g. mosaic Turner problem, using a karyotype-a evaluate to recognize the product variety and form of chromosomes. Male factor sterility. Men with very low issues less than 5 to million per mL or with no sperm cell cellular in the sperm should be examined for CF and its variants, Kleinfelter problem and microdeletions of Y chromosome. Recurrent pregnancy loss. Sometimes in several reporting two or more losses especially starting in the first trimester, one affiliate will carry a hidden genetic issue. One chromosome is taken on top of another, they are transmitted to the kid together enhancing the risk that the baby would have an extra chromosome-trisomy. One parent or guardian, a before kid or friend affected with a hereditary sickness. If the sickness is well described, the individual should be examined first for the exact alteration of the DNA inducing the disease-the mutation. The several are then examined for the same mutation. One parent or guardian or a kid affected with genetic issues. If a before kid taken a genetic issue, both patent karyotype should be obtained to remove that one of them carry an issue and to prevent its recurrence to future kids. One parent or guardian or near family

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